Information on Central Fabrication of the PRO Insole

Product Overview

The Perfect Response Orthotic® (PRO) is a Neuro-IFRAH® Orthotic invented by Waleed Al-Oboudi, as an adjunct to the Neuro-IFRAH® Approach by Waleed Al-Oboudi. The Neuro-IFRAH® Approach is taught throughout the United States and internationally.

 The PRO Insole™ is specifically designed to aid with the transition from using the Perfect Response Orthotic® to walking without an orthotic.  It maintains toe extension and supports the foot, yet allows for movements in the forefoot, midfoot, and hindfoot that are critical for maintaining, attaining and regaining the state of balance during walking as well as facilitating the dynamic qualities essential for support and propulsion among other characteristics during walking.  This insole is the perfect adjunct to be used during therapy when the therapist is working with the patient on dorsiflexion when the Perfect Response Orthotic® is removed and foot support, movement, and toe extension is necessary.  It is convenient when the PRO Insole™ is ordered at the same time the Perfect Response Orthotic® as the options in therapy are increased, helping with this transition without delay.

Important Information

  • These products are currently only available in custom.  
  • In some cases a slight shoe lift may be needed for the non affected side to account for the material thickness of the brace.
  • The recommended shoe is New Balance model 928.  This model comes in different widths and has ample space in the toe box, accommodating for the toe lift built into the brace.  In most cases the shoe for the affected side is ideally a 4E for extra width and a size and a half to two sizes larger than the shoe on the unaffected side.

Account Setup 

Orthotists interested in providing the PRO Insole™ using KineMedic Concepts, Inc. for fabrication must first sign an addendum to the  Perfect Response Orthotic® license agreement issued by the Neuro-IFRAH® Organization.  The Neuro-IFRAH® Organization can be contacted directly by calling (858) 550-1455, or by emailing them at  Once that agreement has been signed and returned to the Neuro-IFRAH® Organization, you will be provided an instructional DVD if you have not already received one covering the background, specifications, and casting instructions for the PRO Insole™. 

Click Here For the Account Application

Once an account is established, our office will contact you about getting started.





If the PRO Insole™ is ordered along with the Perfect Response Orthotic® and no additional casting is needed the price is 200.00.

 If the PRO Insole™ is ordered within 3 months of delivery of the Perfect Response Orthotic®, then no additional casting is needed and the price is 250.00.

If the PRO Insole™ is ordered after 3 months of delivery of the Perfect Response Orthotic® OR if the patient has never ordered the Perfect Response Orthotic®, then a cast must be taken of the patient, and the price is 300.00.



After we have contacted you and have set you up as a provider for the PRO Insole, follow the instructions below to place your first order.

Cast your patient according to the specifications in the video you received.  Then fill out one of our Perfect Response Orthotic® Order Forms in its entirety.  It is important to remember that the standard option will be provided when no option is selected.   If the patient was cast in the position outlined in the video and the order is completed with the standard option(s), in most cases, will result in a good fit without a delay.  If you would like some small corrections made to your cast please indicate that on your order form.  To remind you of the importance of this information, we have highlighted the Cast Correction – Position of Function section.  If this section is not completed, we will attempt to contact you in order to clarify your requirements, which most likely will delay your order.  We recommend yet do not require a video be provided with the cast noting the dynamics of the patient’s affected ankle/knee/hip during standing and walking.  This helps to better inform our staff of the specific needs of the patient.  We cannot over-emphasize enough the importance of a cast meeting our specifications.  The less modifications and cast correction that is required for a cast to meet our position standards, the better the brace will fit and perform. If a cast is taken and it does not meet the specifications as indicated in your casting video, and if it requires major cast modifications, please recast the patient.  Additional charges and a time delay may apply for casts needing major corrections.

A box is provided for you to write in any request for features or options not available on the Order Form.   On the bottom right side of the Order Form, indicate any anatomical irregularities and/or measurements that may help us in fabricating the brace, or any other requests for information.   You may also call our office at (909) 337-3449 to discuss any questions or concerns, or e-mail us at

Click Here for the Order Form


Our goal is to deliver a quality brace in a timely manner.  Once we receive all the information required to process the order,  we will need to have up to 8 business days to complete the fabrication.  At completion, the brace will be shipped via UPS 2nd Day Air (except for deliveries to CA, AZ, UT and NV, will will ship via UPS Ground).

Some factors that may cause a delay include:

An order requiring special attention due to unusual patient circumstances

        An incomplete Order Form

         Poor cast quality

         A cast that needs correction

         Payment questions/approval

To request a reduced turnaround time, you may request a rush order by calling our office.  We will give you an idea of how quickly we may be able to finish the order, and discuss upgrading the shipping to overnight delivery, and what those additional costs will be.

You may call or e-mail our office to check the status of an order.


As a central fabricator, we are able to directly bill your facility.  When you complete the Application, specify whether you would like an open account set up, or if you would prefer to pay by credit card, and then provide the information requested.


Orders are shipped via UPS 2nd Day Air, (except for deliveries to CA, AZ, UT and NV, which will ship via UPS Ground).  If you wish to arrange overnight delivery, please contact our office.


It is our goal to provide quality service and customer satisfaction.  If there is a problem necessitating an adjustment or return, please contact our office immediately, and we will make every effort accommodate your request.


Each PRO Insole is fabricated from an acceptable cast of the patient’s foot, and is guaranteed for fit, materials and workmanship for 90 days beginning 14 days after the date of shipment*.  During that period, we will adjust, repair or replace the product if a problem exists.  Abuse or undue rough wear and tear will void the warranty.  This includes not wearing a shoe over the brace except during therapy times, and/or destruction from outside sources such as heat, cold, impact or undue abrasion beyond normal wear and tear.  Patients should communicate with their practitioner about concerns regarding fit or workmanship.  This will enhance our ability to resolve any issues you are experiencing as efficiently and quickly as possible.

*the 90 day warranty period is intended to provide ample time for brace fitting and troubleshooting.  It is recommended that this fitting occur within 2 weeks following receipt of the brace.

The Neuro-IFRAH® Organization and originator, and inventor Waleed Al-Oboudi does not assume any liability in regards to fabrication and fitting issues between Kinemedic Concepts, orthotists and therapists. The Neuro-IFRAH® Organization recommends that therapists requesting the PRO Insole are Neuro-IFRAH Trained® or Neuro-IFRAH Certified®. The Neuro- IFRAH® Organization and originator, and inventor Waleed Al-Oboudi does not assume any liability for therapist decisions regarding specifications related to the PRO Insole or issues related to design and function of the PRO Insole.