Insurance Information

We do not bill any insurance.  The patient is responsible for getting a claim form from his/her insurance provider and submitting it to them for insurance reimbursement.  We strongly recommend that you contact your insurance company prior to ordering if you want to know whether you will be reimbursed for the item(s).

Most insurance companies will require a physician’s prescription for the item, along with a diagnosis code, to avoid delay in processing the claim.  Some insurance providers may also require a Letter of Medical Necessity from a physician or therapist.

For Medicare claims, please be advised that we are not a Medicare supplier/provider; you will need to call the Medicare phone number on your Medicare card to see if the item(s) you are ordering are reimbursable.   

Insurance Codes

Below are insurance codes that will be included with your paid invoice, so that you may file an insurance claim for reimbursement after you receive your order.  We suggest you contact your insurance provider before ordering to see if the items are covered under your policy.

Delivery and handling fees, and casting/fitting charges most likely will not be reimbursed by insurance.  There are also some optional items (i.e., padded dorsal plate, additional finger lift, etc.) that may not be covered.

For custom orders we will send you an estimate once we receive all of your paperwork.  The estimate will have the insurance codes on it, as well as itemized charges.

Insurance Info