Custom Neuro-IFRAH® Wrist Hand Orthotic with Custom Thumb


US PATENT NO. 7,547,290 B1

The Neuro-IFRAH® wrist hand orthosis is comprised of the hand paddle originated by Waleed Al-Oboudi with its unique flat surface, shapes, and features.  The hand paddle is attached to a forearm component which helps with increasing or maintaining wrist extension.  In addition, an optional attachment on the forearm component is available that aids in supporting the weight of the limb by attaching to the patient’s belt.  Other options include interchangeable paddle hand splints with arches and/or individualized hand positions that aid in a graded therapeutic stretch among many other therapeutic benefits.  Various types of straps are available to meet individual needs of the patients, however the straps featured are standard and provide for the most secure individual adjustments.

This orthotic is specifically designed to decrease the effects of hypertonicity in the finger, wrist flexors, while increasing passive range of motion toward finger extension, thumb extension and wrist extension.  This orthotic is an important adjunct in the Neuro-IFRAH® Approach and the originator, Waleed Al-Oboudi, only recommends this adjunct versus ineffective imitations that are based on his concepts that are highly problematic.

In order to process an order for this custom orthosis, we will need a completed Order Form for the Neuro-IFRAH(R) WHO with Custom Thumb from the treating therapist.  This order form includes an accurate tracing with step by step instructions along with measurements.  You will find a sample tracing on page two of the order form to serve as a reference.   Once the tracing is complete it must be faxed to us at (909) 498-0300 to insure 100% scale accuracy.