PRO Insole

The PRO Insole™ is specifically designed to aid with the transition from using the Perfect Response Orthotic® to walking without an orthotic.  It maintains toe extension and supports the foot, yet allows for movements in the forefoot, midfoot, and hindfoot that are critical for maintaining, attaining and regaining the state of balance during walking as well as facilitating the dynamic qualities essential for support and propulsion among other characteristics during walking.  This insole is the perfect adjunct to be used during therapy when the therapist is working with the patient on dorsiflexion when the Perfect Response Orthotic® is removed and foot support, movement, and toe extension is necessary.  It is convenient when the PRO Insole™ is ordered at the same time the Perfect Response Orthotic® as the options in therapy are increased, helping with this transition without delay.

If the PRO Insole™ is ordered along with the Perfect Response Orthotic® and no additional casting is needed the price is 200.00.

If the PRO Insole™ is ordered within 3 months of delivery of the Perfect Response Orthotic®, then no additional casting is needed the price is 250.00.

If the PRO Insole™ is ordered after 3 months of delivery of the Perfect Response Orthotic® OR if the patient has never ordered the Perfect Response Orthotic®, then a cast must be taken of the patient, and the price is 300.00.