Perfect Response Orthotic®

PATENT NO. US 8,221,341 B1

Product Overview

  • This orthotic is loaded with unique features and options to get a response of more normal movement in gait.  These features are unmatched in any orthotic.
  • A unique feature of the PRO is the 2 layer foot bed consisting of a thin pliable layer that is in 4 segments corresponding to the hindfoot, midfoot, and 2 segments devoted to the forefoot.  One of the forefoot segments allows for toe extension. 
  • Options for various materials are placed between these two layers to encourage normal foot movements and discourage abnormal or undesired movements.  All of this is done through pliable material made in various strengths to define the parameters and assist with movements individualized to the patient’s needs.

Detailed Breakdown of the PRO

  • Ankle
    • There are three joint setups available:
      • Neutral –  If active dorsiflexion deficit is mild and slight and hardly detectable, a significant assist is not required.  This is for someone who has movement in their ankle toward dorsiflexion, however requires corrections in any/each of the following: hindfoot, midfoot, or forefoot.
      • Level 1:  If patient has greater than 50% of active ROM toward dorsiflexion
      • Level 2:  If patient demonstrates no active movement toward dorsiflexion up to 50% active ROM
  • Hindfoot
    • Another feature is the precise adjustable stabilizing pads at the top of the calcaneous, allowing for optimal alignment of the hindfoot during normal gait.
    • The pressure sensitive heel plate allows for a more normal sensory experience during the contact of the heel with the floor.  This feature is designed to provide the opportunity for the system of the person to make the proper adjustments throughout the body as the patient increases weight on their foot in normal gait.
  • Midfoot
    • The midfoot section is designed to move toward pronation to a certain degree with weight bearing and return to its normal alignment during non weight bearing.
    • This feature is critical for normal foot function during normal gait and only available through this orthosis.
  • Forefoot/Toes
  • Toes are set into extension to counteract toe flexion and assist with toe extension which is a critical component of dorsiflexion and foot clearance as well as heel contact in the walking forward component of normal gait.
  • Toe extension also allows for contact at the head of the metatarsals, a critical component in certain phases of gait in walking forward, as well as initial landing of the metatarsal heads with the floor in walking backward.
  • Optional Eversion/Inversion Assist
    • Another unique feature for the PRO is an optional assist for movement of eversion or inversion of the foot. 
    • This assist is a carbon fiber insert that can incrementally influence the patient’s foot into a more normal foot alignment and discourage abnormal or undesired movements.

Important Information:

  • In some cases a slight shoe lift may be needed for the non-affected side to account for the material thickness of the brace.
  • The recommended shoe is New Balance model 928.  This model comes in different widths and has ample space in the toe box, accommodating for the toe lift built into the brace.  In most cases the shoe for the affected side is ideally a 4E for extra width and a size and a half larger than the shoe on the unaffected side.
  • Soling material and additional straps may be added upon request for a Perfect Response Orthotic® that will be worn for activities in the pool.  See the pictures on the left.
  • We will accept a cast taken by a Neuro-IFRAH® trained therapist.  Prior to casting check with your state legislature for permission.
  • We will offer a free consult for any facility if 20 or more participants are fitted.  This will include a visit by a Neuro-IFRAH® Instructor and possibly an Orthotist.  Free staff training on realignment of the foot and custom fit casting will be offered as well.
  • VIDEO OF THE PATIENT IS NEEDED TO PROCESS THE ORDER.  PLEASE VIDEO TAPE THE PATIENT DURING AMBULATION AND CLEARLY NOTE THE DYNAMICS OF THE AFFECTED KNEE, ANKLE, AND FOOT.  YOU CAN MAIL THE VIDEO IN THE FORM OF VHS/DVD/CD OR YOU CAN EMAIL THE FOOTAGE FOR EXPEDIENCY.  Note: Any mail sent to us using the U.S. Postal Service can be mailed to KineMedic Concepts, Inc., P.O. Box 3220, Blue Jay, CA 92317.  If using any other mailing service please call us for our physical address.
  • This product must be ordered by prepayment.